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Radcliffe Wyee
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Land for Sale – Stages 1 to 4 Now Selling

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Radcliffe Wyee offers you a chance to secure a large, easy building homesite and enjoy the peace and quiet of your rural haven, in the serene township of Wyee. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy land ‘off the plan’ in a relaxed spacious, friendly environment and build your brand new home to suit your lifestyle at an affordable price. To become a part of this masterplanned community register your interest today.

Radcliffe Wyee

Stages 1 - 4 Now Selling

If you are interested in any of the Stage 1 - 4 blocks, please feel free to download the individual lot plans listed below.

Scroll down for more information regarding land listed in order below: 'Land For Sale', 'Under Contract' and 'Sold'.

Land For Sale

Lot 120 (511.4m2)

Lot 128 (552.5m2)

Lot 142 (670.6m2)

Lot 145 (560.6m2)

Lot 146 (596.5m2)

Lot 156 (508.5m2)

Lot 162 (552.5m2)

Lot 163 (585m2)

Lot 164 (511.9m2)

Lot 176 (471.3m2)

Lot 197 (700m2)

Lot 198 (702.4m2)

Lot 200 (813.2m2)

Lot 202 (746m2)

Lot 203 (773.5m2)

Lot 204 (542.1m2)

Lot 205 (542m2)

Lot 211 (542.1m2)

Lot 213 (542.1m2)

Lot 214 (773.5m2)

Lot 215 (746m2)

Lot 216 (773.5m2)

Lot 219 (545.3m2)

Lot 220 (503.8m2)

Lot 221 (503.8m2)

Lot 222 (545.4m2)

Under Contract - Stages 1 - 4

Under ContractDownload Lot Plan

Lot 168 (602.1m2)

Under ContractDownload Lot Plan

Lot 182 (700.1m2)

Under ContractDownload Lot Plan

Lot 201 (773.5m2)

Under ContractDownload Lot Plan

Lot 206 (542.1m2)